The US Constitution Is Signed By The Delegates

Eli Whitney Transforms Cotton Industry Economics

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A Vaguely Described Judicial Branch Is Approved

Washington’s First Term In Office

The Plight Of America's Slaves

Washington Wins A Second Term

A “Bill Of Rights” In Ten Amendments Is Added To The Constitution

Table of Contents: HISTORY Book

The French Overthrow Their King And Re-ignite Global Warfare

The Age Of Enlightenment Sweeps Across Europe

The Constitution Is Ratified

Free Blacks Begin Their Long Uphill Journey Toward Equality

America Holds Its First Mid-Term Elections

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A Framework For The Legislative Branch Is Achieved

The First President George Washington

"We The People" - The United States In 1790

The Supreme Court Convenes For The First Time

The New American Government Starts Up

The European Invasion Of America

The Office Of The President Is Defined

Compromises Reached On Congressional Power And Slavery

Alexander Hamilton Prepares America For Capitalism

Prehistoric Americans

The French Revolution Begins

Bill of Sale

Received of H.T. Jones five hundred dollars in full payment of a family of negroes, big Elba, Martha & James, which slaves I warrant to be sound & sensible, with the exception of perceivable scars. I warrant the rite & title against all claims whatsoever.  

Elba 28 years old, Martha 7 years, James 2 years old. Witness my hand & seal.”

Dec 29, 1846  Robt H Wade  seal

“A Family of Negroes”

We The People Of The Thirteen British Colonies

Comes The Scourge Of Slavery To America

History Book

A Compromise On Slavery Allows The Convention To Proceed

Debates Over Slavery Almost Derail The Convention

Delegations Present Four Possible Macro Frameworks 

The French Help America Win Its War With Britain

The New Nation Encounters Early Difficulties Governing Itself

A Convention To Write A New US Constitution Gets Under Way

The Revolutionary War Is Stalemated In The North

America Declares Its Independence

Relations With Britain Become Strained 

The First Great Awakening Transforms America’s Churches