Received of H.T. Jones five hundred dollars in full payment of a family of negroes, big Elba, Martha & James, which slaves I warrant to be sound & sensible, with the exception of perceivable scars. I warrant the rite & title against all claims whatsoever.  

Elba 28 years old, Martha 7 years, James 2 years old. Witness my hand & seal.”

Dec 29, 1846  Robt H Wade  seal

Le Jour de Gloire Arrives For Napoleon And France

Westward Expansion Re-Opens Conflicts Over The Destiny Of America's Blacks

The Declaration Of Independence

Napoleon Becomes First Counsel In France

America's Westward Expansion Picks Up Momentum

The Plight Of Those Enslaved

Debt Plagues The New Congress Of The Federation

Washington's Second Term

The War of 1812 Begins

The Louisiana Purchase Doubles America's Landmass

Burr's Filibustering Campaign Signals U.S. Colonial Inentions

The French Revolution Overthrows Louis XVI

Hamilton's Capitalism Sets The Economy In Motion

Bill of Sale

Thomas Jefferson First Term

Britain and France Begin Their Battles For Global Hegemony

Blacks Begin Their Uphill Struggle Toward Justice

British Acts Of War Lead To The Russian "Embargo Act"

The Revolutionary War

George Washington Becomes The First President

America Wins The War Of 1812

Toussaint's Slave Rebellion In Haiti Ends With Blacks In Power

Comes The Scourge of Slavery To The Colonies

Madison Concludes His Second Term

John Marshall's Supreme Court Asserts Its Authority in Marbury v Madison

Violence Remains A Norm For Resolving Public Conflicts

The Reformation & Enlightenment Threaten Both Church and Crown

Jefferson's Second Term

The Lewis & Clark Expedition Maps A Route To The West Coast

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The Earliest Settlers Appear

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A "Bill Of Rights" Is Added To The Constitution

John Adams Presidency

A New Constitution is Approved For The United States

James Madison's First Term

“A Family of Negroes”

The Supreme Court Convenes For The First Time

History Book

America’s Foundational Churches Take Hold In The Colonies

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