Jefferson Wins A Second Term

America Begins Its Inevitable Expansion To The West

The Supreme Court Reins In The Power Of State Legislatures

History Book

Monroe’s First Term Marked By Peace Abroad But Challenges At Home

Jefferson’s Lasting Legacies

Westward Expansion Re-Opens Questions About The Destiny Of Blacks In America 

The Supreme Court Asserts Its Authority In Marbury v Madison

Toussaint Louverture’s Black Revolution In Saint-Dominigue/Haiti

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Napoleon Sells The Louisiana Territory To America

James Monroe Becomes America’s Fifth President

British Acts of War Lead To Jefferson's Ruinous Embargo Act 

Napoleon Reaches His Zenith And Then His Downfall

The Wilkinson-Burr Filibustering Affair

The Federalist, John Adams, Becomes America’s Second President

Le Jour de Gloire Arrives For Napoleon And France

Madison Concludes His Second Term

The End Of The Napoleonic Wars

James Madison Succeeds Jefferson As President

Relations With Britain Reach A Breaking Point

Clay, Calhoun And Webster Begin To Shape America’s Political Debate

The Spector Of Secession Arises At The Hartford Convention

Proposals Appear To Free All Blacks And Re-Colonize Them In Africa

The Lewis And Clark Expedition Maps A Route To The West Coast

Madison Wins A Second Term By A Narrow Margin

America Acquires The Two Floridas From Spain

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A Tradition Of Violence Marks Political Discourse In America

The War Of 1812

Thomas Jefferson And The Democratic-Republicans Win The Presidency