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Political Fault Lines Over Geography And Slavery Are Amplified In The 1824 Presidential Race

The Awakening Prompts New Religious Movements

The Black Experience In 1820

Monroe Issues His "Hands Off The Americas" Doctrine

More Tribal Land Evictions Triggers The Blackhawk War

Jackson Begins His Assault On The Banking And Monetary Systems

Andrew Jackson's First Term

The "Two Floridas" Acquired From Spain

John Quincy Adams Term

John Calhoun Tries To "Nullify" Federal Authority

Black Abolitionist David Walker Cries Out For Justice

Jackson Splits With Calhoun And Sacks His Entire Cabinet

Pressure Continues On The Eastern Tribes To Abandon Their Households

James Monroe's First Term

The White Abolitionist Movement Finds Its Ongoing Leaders

A Famous "Value Of The Union" Senate Debate Touches On The States' Rights To Slavery

We the People in 1820

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Another Bloody Slave Uprising Occurs

Prospects Grow For A "Second Political Party System"

A Crisis Over Slavery Is Averted By The  1820 Missouri Compromise

A White Abolitionist Movement Gets Underway

Political Party Restructuring Precedes The 1828 Election

James Monroe's Second Term

America's First Economic Depression

Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion Terrorizes The South And Prompts Savage Retribution

A Second Great Religious Awakening Sweeps Across America

A Troubling House Vote Hands The Presidency To JQ Adams

History Book

The Marshall Court Issues Three Landmark Legal Rulings

The French Visitor Alexis de Tocqueville Analyzes The American Spirit And The Regional Tensions Around Slavery