Note: Click above to view the author’s personal 30+ year collection of some 3,000 original carte de visite photographs, all taken by cameramen such as Mathew Brady, Timothy O’Sullivan, Julian Vannerson, George Cook and others. Each of these 2”x4” cdv’s has been scanned and then re-sized up or down in some cases for this website. 

Note:  Click above to read Volume I of the author’s book, The War of Southern Economic Necessity vs. Northern Anti-Black Racism. It argues that war becomes inevitable when the South’s need to expand sales of its two “crops” (raw cotton and bred slaves) into the west clashes with the determination of Northern whites to “cleanse” the new region of all blacks.

“Few people will forget the impressions made upon them by the first sight of a slave – a being created in the image of God, yet the bona fide property of his fellow man.” -- Isabella Lucy Bird 

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