Prigg v Pennsylvania Adds To Mounting Tension Over “Fugitive Slaves”

Roger Taney Becomes Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court

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Calhoun Again Tries To Rally The South Against  The Regional Threats He Sees

Abolitionists Are Met By Attacks In The North And South

Abolitionist Editor Elijah Lovejoy Is Murdered By An Alton, Illinois Mob

Andrew Jackson’s Second Term

The South’s Second Cash Crop: Breeding And Selling Slaves

Britain Abolishes Slavery

Abolitionists Enter Politics After An Internal Schism

Martin Van Buren’s Term

Jackson’s “Specie Circular” Order Triggers A Monetary Crisis

The Creole Slave Rebellion Leads To Diplomatic And Congressional Conflicts

The Mob Behavior In Alton Also Draws A Public Response
From Abraham Lincoln

John Fremont’s First Expedition Reaches The “South Pass”

Politicians Once Again Turn To Violence To Resolve Their Differences

America Suffers An Economic Depression

John Tyler Completes The Presidential Term

The American Anti-Slavery Society Is Founded

The Growing Sectional Divide As The Election Of 1840 Looms


The South’s First Cash Crops: Tobacco, Rice, Cotton And Sugar

Frederick Douglass Makes His First Great Speech Against Slavery


Southern Fears Mount Further As The Supreme Court Frees Slaves In The Amistad Affair

The American Landscape In 1840 – Overview

The Webster-Ashburton Treaty Resolves A Series Of Disputes With Britain

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Americans Under Sam Houston Annex Texas

Lovejoy’s Murder Begets A Fatal Vow From John Brown


Selling Slaves

Tyler Turns Against The Whigs And They Turn Against Him

Jackson Ends The Nullification Threat From South Carolina

The Southeastern Tribes Are Evicted Along The “Trail Of Tears”

America’s Drive To Explore The West Picks Up Momentum

Andrew Jackson’s Enduring Legacy

The Breadth Of Slave Ownership In The South

Four Parties Vie For The Presidency In 1832

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Free Blacks Are Making Progress

The Wilkes Expedition Adds Luster To America’s Global Reputation

The Political Scene In 1840

The South Intensifies Its Defense Of Slavery

JQ Adams Refuses To Comply With A House “Gag Order” To Silence Anti-Slavery Petitions

Another Race Riot Breaks Out In Cincinnati

William Henry Harrison’s One Month Presidential Term

Fremont’s Second Expedition Explores The West Coast

Jackson “Kills” The Second Bank And Pays Off The Federal Debt


 The Prigg Decision Prompts Lloyd Garrison To Call For Disunion

The Whigs Prepare To Challenge Van Buren In 1836