Colonial roots, father a pastor, Harvard valedictorian at age 17, Unitarian minister, professor of Greek, PhD in Germany ’17, back to Harvard, students include CF Adams, Emerson, others, edits literary mag, famous as orator, Dan Webster a lifelong friend, US House ’25-35 as Natl Republican then Whig, pro-Clay, his “slaves obey your masters” speech criticized, Mass Gov ’36-40, sets up school to train teachers, Webster convinces WH Harrison to name him Ambassador to UK ’41-45, Harvard president, briefly Sec of State w Fillmore, US Senate ’53-54, resigns for luke warm opposition to KN Bill, runs as VP with Bell on Constitutional Union Party ’60, supports Crittendon try to avoid secession, Gettysburg speaker after Lincoln.

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Caleb Cushing (1800-1879)


Lawyer father embraces radical ideas: abolition and racially mixed schools and marriages, Harvard, law under Joseph Story, three years in Europe, speaks 5 languages, 6’4” tall, famous orator, opposes Mexican War, joins “conscience Whigs,” prison reform, school integration, anti-slavery, organizes Free Soil Party, US Senate ’51-74, outspoken abolitionist who angers the South, denounces Fugitive Slave Act and ’54 Kansas-Nebraska Act. “Crime Against Kansas” speech leads to “caning” on floor by Preston Brooks ‘56, severe head trauma, dramatic North-South split over the attack, not fully back til ’59, undaunted, “Barbarism of Slavery” speech, Radical Republican along w Wade and Chandler, major pro-black/anti-South voice until death. Egomaniac, self-righteous, but unwavering.

Ship owner father, Harvard at 13, teaches math there lawyer then into state leg and US House ’35-43 as Anti-Jackson Whig, sticks with turncoat Tyler who tries, but fails to get him confirmed as Treasury Sec, first Ambassador to China ’45, no combat but serves as Col in Mexican War, twice loses run for Gov of Mass, US Atty Gen ’53-57 under Pierce, northern “doughface” who supports Southern principles, pro-Dred Scott decision slavery/states rights,  but still anti-secession, chairs 1860 convention where Dems split, post-war diplomatic posts, but Senate denies Supreme Ct slot.

His grandfather, Roger Sherman, helps draft the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Yale, Harvard Law, Asst Directory Atty in NYC, Whig then Republican, nominates Seward '60, US Atty General who defends President Johnson in '67 impeachment, Sec of State '77-81 under Hayes/Garfield, US Senator from NY '85-91.

Old family (1643), precocious, Dartmouth, Harvard law, pass bar ’21, state legislature, US House as Whig ’31, pro-protective tariff, opp Texas annex, supports Webster, switch to Dem in ’56 to back “national” candidate, Buchanan, dies on trip to Europe before the war. 

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Northeastern States (Continued)

Father with Jackson at N.O. in War of 1812 then  dies, raised by devout Baptist mother, troublemaker in schools, Colby, rejects clergy for law, famed defense lawyer, Democrat, anti-abolition, pro-Compromise of 1850, state senate ’59, loses to Banks for Gov , backs Davis in ’60 Dem convention,  many pro-South beliefs, but vows to fight, militia and  politics leads to apptointment as BG, inept commander, but reviled by enemy for his N.O. occupation (slaves as contraband to be seized), corrupt deals during war lead to $7M estate at death, flops in drive against Richmond and Lincoln finally relieves him,  four terms in House ’67-79 as Radical Republican, Mass Gov ’83-84, reformer on labor laws, suffrage, anti-KKK sponsor, leads Johnson impeachment , wealthy industrialist at end. 

Charles Sumner ​(1811-1874)

Massachusetts (Continued)

Ben Butler (1818-1893)

Rufus Choate​(1799-1859)

William Evarts (1818-1901)

Edward Everett ​(1794-1865)