New Hampshire courthouse where Webster first practiced.

Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787-1862)

Massachusetts  (Continued)

Brown U, progressive, founds Oread College in ‘40 to educate women, abolitionist efforts, Kansas Crusade ’56, leads formation of “NE Emigrant Aid Company” which sends sawmill tech and 2,000 settlers to defy pro-slavery Kansans, opens colony in WVa to prove that options to slavery will work in the South, US House ’57-61 as Republican, credited with keeping Kansas free and bringing it into the Union.

​Photography Book

George McClellan (1826-1835)

Family tradition in ministry and education, Princeton, law, Militia in 1812 War, NJ Atty Gen ’17, state leg. Then US Senate ’29-35 as National Republican, leads fight against Indian Removal, mayor of Newark ’37,    Whigs choose him as VP to run with Clay in ’44, college prez at NYU and Rutgers, American Bible Society, nicknamed the “Christian Statesman.”

New Hampshire-- Statehood Granted:  June 21, 1788  State Motto: Live free or die 

Litle Mac as snake for running against Lincoln in 1864 as a "peace Democrat/Copperhead."

Modest start, mother scrapes for schooling, Bowdoin, lawyer, Jackson Dem, state leg then US House ’43-45, but dumped by party for opposing Texas annexation, leads anti-slavery movement including debate with Franklin Pierce, a NH foe. US Senate as Free Solier ’47-53, opposes Mex War, first abolitionist Senator,  joined by Seward, Chase and Sumner in attacks on the slavocracy, defends run-away slave (Minkins) supporters, Free Soil nominee for President in ’52, back in Senate ’55-65, joins Republicans, Lincoln names Ambassador to Spain, daughter Lucy engaged to JW Booth!

Early poverty in NH, changes name as youth, to Mass as shoemaker ’33, local schools, stint as teacher, into politics, state house ’41-52, owns Boston Republican paper ’48-51, becomes General in Mass Militia ’52, loses for US House ’52 and Guv ’53, but US Senate ’55-73 as Republican, Abolitionist, calls for equal pay for blacks, attacks “slave power,” powerful Chairman – Military Affairs, Rose Greenhow spying accusations,Radical faction vs. South post-war, VP under Grant ’73-75, stained by Credit Mobilier scandal, suffers two strokes and dies in office. 

Robert Winthrop (1809-1894)

William Dayton (1807-1864)

Nathaniel Berry (1796-1894)

Chosen over Lincoln as first VP nominee for new Republican Party in 1856. Before that, a two term Senator from New Jersey; during the war, serves as Lincoln’s minister to France.

Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Successful tannery business, Col in Militia, state politics as Dem than Free Soiler and Republican. Gov of New Hampshire 1861-63. Strong support for Lincoln and leads state recruiting.

Henry Wilson ​(1812-1875)

New Jersey-- Statehood Granted:  December 18, 1787  State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity

Northeastern States (Continued)

John Hale (1806-1873)

His son Fletcher Webster (KIA)

Father a leading doctor in Phil, U Penn at 13, shift from law to military, West Point at 16 with help from Prez Tyler, 2nd in class of ’46, Southern pals (C. Wilcox, AP Hill, Maury), engineer, sees combat in Mex War, father friend of Gen Scott,Pacific rr expedition ’52 for War Sec Jeff Davis.

Eli Thayer (1819-1899)

Political father, Harvard, studies law under Webster, speaker of state House,  US House ’40-50 as Whig , Speaker ’48-50, to US Senate ’50-51 after Webster resigns, famous orator, along with Everett a member of “cotton Whigs” who play down slavery to support textile mfrs. This ends his political career at age 41, serves on Boards, Bible Society, Boston Library, Peabody Educational Fund, philanthropist.

Born on small farm, precocious, Phillips Exeter, then Dartmouth, apprentice lawyer, teacher, own practice and into politics, hard core Federalist, anti-Jefferson pamphlet on 1807 Embargo hurting NE shipping, famous speech against 1812 War and NE secession calls, pro-Union, US House ’13-17, pro-US Bank, but anti-protective tariff and Clay’s American System, back to practice as leading Constitutional lawyer in US, 223 cases argued before US Supreme Court, many strengthen federal court power over the states and rights of corporations, back to US House ’23-27, then Senate ’27-41, famous ’30 debate with Hayne over nullification vs. sanctity of Union, later flips to pro-tariff and pro-Clay,  one of four Whig candidates for Prez ’32, Sec of State ’41-43 under WHH and Tyler, back to Senate ’45-50, opposes Mexican War, backs 1850 Compromise including Fugitive Slave act, which costs him Mass support for good, ’50-52 again Sec of State, dies after fall from horse, Congressional giant with Clay and Calhoun, wild lifestyle and cirrhosis.  


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