“Birds-eye View" of the U.S.  Naval Academy at Annapolis

Logging Camp

West Point - building on hill w/Hudson River

West Point parade ground

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West Point - ramparts w/Hudson River

Brownell Carriage Factory

200’ tall “shot tower” operated by the Shelby Smelting & Lead Co. at the corner of First & Howard St. east of San Francisco Bay. The foundry was owned by Thomas Shelby, 13th Mayor of SF and started up in 1865. The tower was used to make round bullets by dropping molten lead through sieves down the 200’ shaft into a cold water “hardening bath” at the base. The photo probably dates to 1868.

Outdoor Settings

Lowell Textile Mill

Norfolk, VA

The first of three photos of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis probably around 1870 or so. This one is labeled “a birds-eye view of the Annapolis campus” taken from the clock tower in the midshipmen’s quarters and looking due east toward the Severn River. On the upper right is the church steeple of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church with the city itself behind and to the right. Faculty quarters run alongside on the right.  
At the lower left is the Tripoli Monument, which honors the heroes of the First Barbary War of 1801-5. It is the oldest military monument in the United States, constructed in 1808 and moved from Washington to the Academy in 1860. To the left of the monument is the Phlox Wharf, seen in the photo below.   

Boston Manufacturing Co.

Port Cities

When the Civil War breaks out government officials fear that the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in the slave state of Maryland might be vulnerable to Confederate attacks – and this leads to transfer of the midshipmen to a new home in Providence, RI. The Academy returns home in August 1865 after the war ends.


West Point trophy hill

View of Phlox Wharf at the U.S. Naval Academy

Shelby Smelting Co Shot Tower in San Francisco

Military Academies

Colorado Mining Town - Idaho Springs

Memorial Day Parade at the U.S. Naval Academy

New Orleans Harbor

Naval Academy in RI

US Naval Academy cadet formation

Log Jam on River


Ships in harbor

This captures what is likely a Memorial Day parade in Annapolis, heading east on Main St. toward the same St. Anne’s Church visible in the photos above. U.S. flags line the route and observers can be seen standing on both sides of the street and in upper story building windows.                      

Beckwith's Dyeing & Cleansing

First grain mill in PA

This is a close-up, probably also taken from the clock tower, of the Phlox Wharf situated behind the Physics and Chemistry Buildings in the foreground. On the lower right is the same Tripoli Monument seen above. An unknown steamship is docked at the wharf. The notations at the bottom identify the distant-most four ships in the background on the Severn River: the USS Jamestown (1844), off her bow  the USS Constellation (1845), then USS Standish (1864) and the USS Santee (1855) close to another wharf. The two ships in the nearer left are unnamed. 

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