Post Office in Michigan

Andover Academy - series of buildings

Ft. Edward Institute

The White House

Faneuil Hall - Boston

Rue de Rivoli - Paris

Williams College - chapel

Williams College - quad

U.S. Senate Chamber

Outdoor Settings


Bunker Hill Memorial

Quebec Park/siege guns in park with children

New Masonic Temple, Boston

Nashville Merchants Day

​Photography Book

Yale University

Savannah Bank/Custom House

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White House of CSA

Elmira Female College

Landmark Sites/Buildings

U.S. House Chamber

Vermont Home

Independence Hall

Battle of Saratoga Monument

Phillips Academy building with trees

Oberlin College building/monument

Yale University

Dartmouth College

US Arsenal with Mortars

Haystack Monument at Williams College

Phillips Academy, Stone Academy building

New York Stock Exchange Interior

San Francisco Bank

New York Stock Exchange

Oberlin College

Fairmont Water Works - Philadelphia

Dartmouth College Observatory

Mass State House

State Capitol in Richmond

Old Constitution House in Vermont. The “Windsor Tavern” where a Constitution (banning slavery) was signed on July 22, 1777 creating the Vermont Republic, which lasted til 1791 when the state joined the Union.