Standing girl with short hair

A little sailor

Grace Fornia - violinist


Two “Lowell girls”

Identified Children

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Nellie Keeler as PT Barnum's "Little Queen Mab" ​(1875-1903)

​Photography Book

Peasant couple with unusual hats

Mr & Mrs John Delche

Couple from Fond du Lac, WI

Little Maggie the orange girl

Twins Sitting with Hats

Everyday White Citizens

Four girls

David Moseley

Girl/upscale dress/muff

Little Rosie Wolff (1866-?)


Amish looking couple

Three everyday kids

Little girl knitting

Young girl with hoop and stick

Unidentified Children


Cousins Dick & Carrie Clagett

Gilbert Moseley

Little boy on rocking horse

Circus performer, “The German Rose,” 33” tall and weighing 42 lbs.

David Moseley as cadet

Little Josie Demott – ballerina

John & Electa Sanders

Big Sister-Little Sister