Interesting Individuals

Seated woman and 5 children

H Graves

Ebenezer Shaw "oldest man"

Man with long beard

Everyday White Citizens (Continued)

Man with top hat

Irish Jantin Car with passengers

Lomer Griffin

​Photography Book

Another stereotypical put-down of the Irish after their immigration to America in the 1840’s.

Hunter with gun and dog

Mother and look-alike daughter

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Irish Stereotype


Kentucky man with wild hair


Bearded man


Man with small glasses

Lomer Griffin

“The oldest man living at 116 years.” Born April 22, 1759 and living in Medina, Ohio with his third wife. In good health and reads Bible every day.” Son Willis, age 74, on the left.

Tough guy with porkpie cap

A family from Portage, WI

Dad, son and daughter (Janesville, WI)

Man with glasses

A family from Sardis, MS