“Old Jube” in later life promotes the “Lost Cause” defense of the South.

Major General Benjamin Cheatham, western battles from Shiloh to Franklin

Major General James Fagan of Red River campaign fame

Richard Ewell

General Samuel Cooper, too old for field duty, but highest rank in CSA army

Brigadier General Zachariah Deas, twice wounded in action

Lieutenant General Jubal Early, Lee’s “Bad Old Man,” valorous start to end

Ewell loses leg at II Manassas and fails to take Culps Hill on day 1 at Gettysburg

Brigadier General Raleigh Colston, ex-VMI prof with Jackson relieved by Lee

Brigadier General George Cosby

Major General Alfred Colquitt, serving under Jackson, then Lee

Brigadier General Montgomery Corse, Army of Northern Virginia throughout

Lieutenant General Richard Ewell, “Old Baldy,” superb until slowed by wounds

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Brigadier General John R Cooke, wounded seven times during the war

Lieutenant General Patrick Cleburne, KIA at Franklin, as “Stonewall Jackson of the West” 

CSA Flag

Howell Cobb

Howell Cobb serves as a Major General in the CSA army, fighting on the Peninsula and Antietam 

Brigadier General Thomas Clingman, from US House to eastern theater

Brigadier General Junius Daniel, KIA at Spottsylvania Court House

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Brigadier General George “Shanks” Evans, hard drinker, solid tactician

Ewell serves with the Army of Northern Virginia until the end of the war

CSA General Henry DeLamar Clayton

Brigadier General Thomas Drayton, friend of Davis with mixed field record

Martin J. Crawford, US & CSA congressman from Georgia and Colonel of CSA cavalry

Confederate Military - Civil War - South

Colonel James Dearing, KIA during the retreat to Appomatox

Brigadier General John Echols, known mostly for battles in the Shenandoah Valley 

CSA Flag in Color

Major General Arnold Elzey, heroic at 1st Manassas, wounded 3 times in war

Alfred Colquitt

Early’s 1864 raid almost takes him into the capital at Washington DC

Major General George B. Crittenden, whose brother Tom fought for the Union