Hardee as aging railroad exec and writer

Hardee convinces Davis to sack Bragg

Lt. General Nathan B. Forrest, raider, gets there “first-est with the most-est” 

Lt. General William Hardee, commands left wing of Bragg’s Army of Tennessee

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Confederate Military - Civil War - South

Major General Franklin Gardner, hero at siege of Port Hudson on the Mississippi River

Brigadier General Archibald Gracie, wealthy NY family, KIA at Petersburg

Hays field service ends with a serious wound at Spottsylvania Court House

Fredericksburg, Virginia, scene of Lee’s bloody December 1862 defeat of Burnside  

Major General Harry Heth, whose search for shoes sparks the Gettysburg battle

Brigadier General John Floyd, former US Sec of War, relieved after Ft. Donelson

Brigadier General John Fraser, who fails to hold the Cumberland Gap in 1863 campaign

Major Harry Gilmor, cavalry raider operating mostly in Maryland

Brigadier General Harry Hays who leads his famous “Louisiana Tigers”

Brigadier General Nathaniel Harris, a steady four year record in the east

Brigadier George Gordon, wounded at Franklin, post-war KKK with Forest

Brigadier General Samuel Garland, KIA at South Mountain

Brigadier General Martin Gary, escorts Davis into North Carolina as war is lost

Brigadier General Roger Hanson, KIA at Stones River

Hardee’s charge at Stone’s River almost leads to Union rout

Lt. General John B. Gordon, shot 5 times at Antietam, valiant ANV leader

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Hardee replaced after Atlanta by the bolder Hood who loses army at Franklin

Major General Bryan Grimes, from 1st Bull Run to Appomattox, last given this rank by CSA

Brigadier General Daniel Frost, a New Yorker who plays a minor role in the west

Roger Hanson

Wade Hampton III

Brigadier General Richard Garnett, KIA in Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg

Hampton, alone with Forest in reaching his rank without prior military training

Lt. General Wade Hampton III, wounded 5 times, cavalry head after Stuart killed

 John B. Gordon surrenders to Chamberlain at Appomattox

Brigadier General James B. Gordon, KIA at Yellow Tavern, near Richmond