Brigadier General John Bowen, gallant duty in defense of Vicksburg

Beauregard in Mexican War garb

Brigadier General Bernard Bee, KIA at First Manassas, calling Jackson a “stonewall”

Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard, one of 7 full CSA Generals 

Brigadier General James Chalmers fights at Shiloh, Stones River and in Hood’s final Tenn. Campaign

Brigadier General George T. Anderson, Lee’s ever dependable “Tige” 

Bate in post-war civilian dress

Bragg in later life as a civilian

Brigadier General William Barksdale, KIA at Gettysburg near Plum Run on July2. 1863

Brigadier General John Chambliss, KIA around Richmond

Confederate dead at Antietam along the Hagerstown Pike (9/62)

Admiral Franklin Buchanan, top-ranked CSA naval commander, of iron-clad CSS Virginia 

Brigadier General Milledge Bonham, back to politics after one battle, 1st Manassas

Laurence Baker

Major General William Bate, commander in the west, with three wounds during the war

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Colonel Francis Bartow, KIA at First Manassas (61)

Brigadier General Laurence Baker, grievously wounded post-Gettysburg 

Major General John C Breckinridge, ably led troops from Stone’s River to Cold Harbor

Confederate Military - Civil War - South

Burnsides Bridge at Antietam

Brigadier General James Canty fights with Jackson in the Valley before transfer to Army of the Tenn

Dunker Church, the scene of bloody fighting at Antietam

Bragg is finally relieved of command after criticism, by his lifelong friend, Davis

Buckner, unconditional surrender of Ft Donelson gives Grant his nickname   

General Braxton Bragg, irascible commander of CSA forces in the west

Buckner is with his old adversary, Grant, when the ex-President dies at Mt. McGregor

Colonel Turner Ashby, KIA Shenandoah Valley (’62)

Brigadier General Lawrence O’Bryan Branch, KIA at Antietam

Brigadier General Henry Benning leads his Ga. regiment from Antietam to Appomattox

Buckner’s major triumphs come at Perryville and Chickamauga

PGT Beauregard, wins early fame as the “hero of Sumter

Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, leader across many western theater battles

Brigadier General Frank Armstrong

Anderson was wounded at Gettysburg as part of Longstreet’s assault on July 2

Brigadier General James “Sally” Archer, captured on July 1 at Gettysburg

A “magic lantern” image of dead bodies in Bloody Lane, Antietam (9/62)

An elderly Beauregard

Anderson led the 11th Georgia infantry in major battles throughout the east

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