Courtesan Mabel Gray

Kentucky Belle

Sarah Dearborn Parsons

Belle Boyd (1844-1900)


Tennessee (Tennie) Clafin (1844-1923)

Harriet Lowry in "deep mourning" garb

A regal matriarch with her two daughters  

Anna Swan (1846-1888)

Mrs. Sally Logan (Ward) Lamon ​(1834-1892)

Born ’34,  father is Stephen Logan, second law partner of Lincoln in Springfield then a judge, marries Ward Hill Lamon in 1860, Lamon is personal bodyguard for Lincoln, but absent on night of assassination, dies in Brussels.  

Myra Clark Gaines (1804-1885)

Elegant Maid


Women (Continued)

Lydia Pinkham ​(1819-1883)

Massachusetts, Quaker family, wealthy via real estate,  family favors abolition & assimilation, links to Garrison & Douglass, Anti-Slavery Society at 16, Lynn Academy, teacher, married ’43, husband a shoe mfr, 4 children, she brews “home remedies” from herbs & roots, financial problems lead to marketing her cures, patent medicine Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, remedy for “menstrual complaints,” successful & praise for openly focusing on women’s health issues, branding pioneer. 

Famous Swedish operatic soprano

Eva Lorillanrd ​(1845-1903)

Daisy Belmont ​(Unknown-1869)

Cousin Lottie

Mary Ballard

Adelia Johnston

Born on Ohio frontier to spiritualist gypsy mom and “con man” father, 3 years of school, marries at 15 to Woodhull an alcoholic doctor, divorces and champions gender equality/sexual freedom for women, sister Tenni linked to C. Vanderbilt who sets them up as stock brokers, immorality charges continuously, sisters publish Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly, feminist articles and Marx Communist Manifesto and Beecher adultery, harder push for suffrage & equality than rest, testifies for suffrage before Congress, linked to First Internationale but Marx disapproves, runs for President ’72 at age 34 on Equal Rights Party w Fred Douglass as VP, last 50 years in England, anti-abortion, explores eugenics, ur-feminist!



Born in Stockholm, extraordinary voice and on stage at ten, Royal Swedish Opera roles, begins to tour, nicknamed the “Swedish Nightingale,” , linked romantically to Felix Mendelssohn who dies in ‘47, retires from opera suddenly in ’49, supports free schools, PT Barnum invites to US, “Lind mania” celebrity status, 93 concerts & $350,000 income, she donates profits, marries German pianist, 3 children, back to Europe ’52,Concerts until death at 67.  

British operatic soprano

Younger sister of Victoria Woodhull, gypsy life as child, earns living as spiritual medium, masseuse and “healing with magnets,” in ’68 her huckster father “Buck” introduces the sisters to  74 year old Cornelius Vanderbilt, Tennie & C become lovers, he sets them up in brokerage biz on Wall St., closes soon,  into newspaper with Victoria,supports radical causes, suffrage, socialism, free love, vegetarianism, legalization of prostitution, ran for Congress on Equal Rights Party ’72, moves to England with sister & marries a baron. 

Woman in wedding dress

Pareta Papa

Women coal miners

Emma Livry - Ballerina

Third wife of General Edmund Gaines, she fought a 57 year battle in the courts to inherit the $35 million fortune – in slave plantations and New Orleans real estate – of Daniel Clark, who fathered her and then tried to hide the fact. After 70 court filings up to the U.S. Supreme Court, her claims are validated in 1891, six years after her death, but the monetary award from what’s left of the original estate barely covers the court costs.

Pert young woman all dressed up

Sarah Childress Polk ​(1803-1891)

Christina Nillson

Mrs. Victoria Clafin Woodhull (1838-1927)

Notorious Helen “Josie Mansfield,” mistress of tycoon Big Jim Fisk who is killed by her second wealthy lover, “Ned” Stokes. (JC: see “A” below  for new grouping plan)

Ms. A. Marsh


Named as a “daughter of the regiment,” she was a vivandiere during the war. These patriotic women served in both armies, often traveling with troops and acting as nurses and nurturers.

Father owns plantation in Tenn, Salem Academy boarding school, Andrew Jackson encourages courtship with his protégé, James Polk, married at 20 in ‘24, he is sterile, but an adopted “ward,” off to DC ’25 after JP elected to US House, she organizes and campaigns for him, straight-laced Presbyterian, part of “Eaton Affair” cabal that enrages AJ,  First Lady ’45-49, own large cotton plantation with slaves in Miss, 2 slaves in White House proper, protective of JP health, but he dies of cholera  three months after exiting office, wears mourning black for next 42 years, says she is neutral during the war, dies at 87 and buried in Nashville with JP.  

Etta Hostetter, college grad, U California  


Women playing lawn croquet

Jenny Lind (1820-1887)

Maid with apron and cap


The “Nova Scotia Giantress” at 17 stood 8’1” and weighed 389 lbs, a touring sensation with various circuses, accomplished musician, married 7’8” Martin Bates, gives birth to two huge children but both die, she lives to 41 years.

Doretta Klager, who  drowns in Erie Canal

Woman with gun and trousers

Standing woman by Brady

Girl in Gym Clothes

​Photography Book

Southern belle bride


Born in Va, modest roots, but educated at female academy in Baltimore, works in father’s hotel in Front Royal, Va, when a Union trooper threatens her mother, she shoots and kills him, exonerated, overhears conferences at the hotel and sends info via her slave, then hears General James Shields plans for Valley Campaign and rides herself to tell Stonewall Jackson, at age 18, given honorary award, but is then betrayed by a lover and imprisoned, to England in ’64, becomes actress, back to US on tour, dies at 56 while at the Wisconsin Dells, where she is buried.

Daughter of Lorillard Tobacco Company heir Pierre Lorillard III, married to Civil War Colonel, Lawrence Kip.



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Born to poor Irish parents, she becomes notorious as a “kept women” by a series of powerful men in England and Tsarist Russia.