La Belle Alliance - Napoleon's HQ at Waterloo on 6/18/1815

Waterloo group photo

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Waterloo (1815)

Lt. Col. Fiennes Sanderson - Veteran of the battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815)


Waterloo "Lion" Monument

North Gate at Hougoumont - Corporal James Graham & Coldstream Guard decide Battle of Waterloo

5 Heroes:  Wellington, Picton (KIA),leon, Soult, Blucher)

Other Military Events


Napoleon tomb at St. Helena


The Mont St. Jean farmhouse lies just to the rear of Wellington’s left flank along the road north to Brussels. While Napoleon called it The Battle of Mont St. Jean, Wellington chose the more English- sounding name of Waterloo, a town one mile to the north.Type your paragraph here.

Mont St. Jean Farmhouse