David Bell Birney

Ambrose Burnside

Handsome boy sargeant

Don Carlos Buell

Adelbert Ames

Christopher Columbus Augur

William Belknap

General Wallace Burns

Samuel Breese

Hiram Gregory Berry

William Woods Averill

William T H Brooks

Frank Brownell

George Dashiell Bayard

William Farquhar Barry

Louis Blencker

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Hiram Berdan

John Milton Brannan

Sam Beatty

David Bell Birney

Francis Barlow

Louis Blencker

Army Band

Hiram Berdan

Edward Dickinson Baker

Henry Baxter

15th Iowa, Major General, later Grant’s Sec of War (1869-76) before surviving an impeachment trial for tribal trading fraud.

Absalom Baird

Henry Bohlen

A commander of the famous Philadelphia Brigade

John Buford

David Bell Birney

Nathaniel P Banks

Francis Preston Blair, Jr

An iconic portrait of Libby Custer with husband George and his brother Tom both killed at the Little Big Horn. Elizabeth Bacon is 21 in 1864 when she marries the General, only to lose him 12 years later in 1876. She never remarries and spends the rest of her life defending his reputation before dying at 91 years in 1933.

George Arrowsmith

Edward Dickinson Baker

Romeyn B Ayres

Soldier with long sabre

William Farquhar Barry

Libby Autie Tom Custer

General McClellan

Don Carlos Buell

Joseph Jackson Bartlett

Absalom Baird

Union Officers

Robert Anderson

Alexander Asboth

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