On March 28, 1861 the 39 year old Fox, right hand man to Nave Secretary, Gideon Welles, is ordered by Lincoln to draw up plans to defend Ft. Sumter. Despite losing a crucial part of his fleet to a Ft. Pickens task force, Fox proceeds to Sumter and makes two futile attempts to reach the fort on April 12, one frustrated by high seas, the other by the opening Confederate bombardment

Manning Force

John Adams Dix

Henry L Eustis

Jefferson C Davis

John Ericsson

Gustavus A DeRussey

William Henry French

Female Soldier

John Adams Dix

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Major Abner Doubleday

Andrew Hull Foote

Napoleon Dana

Napoleon Dana

Samuel Francis Du Pont

Union Officers

Samuel Francis Du Pont

John Fremont

Grenville Mellen Dodge

Oliver Edwards

George Armstrong Custer

Lucius Fairchild

George Armstrong Custer

Alfred N Duffie

Lucius Fairchild

Harvey DeForrest

Elmer Ellsworth

Dranesville Article on Battle (article and Drane family)

William Franklin

General Edward Ferrero

Lysander Cutler

Gustavus Fox  (1821-1883) 

John Gray Foster

Tom Devin

David Farragut

Tom Devin

Jefferson C Davis

William Dwight, Jr

Jacob Eugene Duryee

​Photography Book

Henry Davies

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