Two coleminers with helmets

Two woodcutters

A clockmaker


Two forty-niners

Two Carpenters with Tools

Boy Apprentice Blacksmith

Lumber Wagon


12 Miners

A carpenter

Azariah Smith (1826-1912)

Craftsmen (blacksmith, carpentry, leather, etc.)


Saddle maker

Cooper with Barrel

John Sutter (1803-1880)

Member of the “Mormon Brigade” sent by Brigham Young to participate in the Mexican War. This takes him to the west coast where he provides a first-hand chronical of the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill. He later returns to home in Salt Lake City.


Visitors in western gold mine country


Sutter’s dreams of founding a “New Helvetia” near Sacramento are dashed when gold is found in 1848, California is overrun by mining squatters and his pleas to ownership of the land are rejected.


​Photography Book

2 Boys with Shoeshine Kit

A tree cutter with his axe and gear

Town blacksmith

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Two rugged anthracite coal miners from Lykens, Pennsylvania. Headgear is a soft cap with leather brim and lamp bracket to hold their light. Leather belt for gear, lunch pails and sturdy boots. 


Occupationals (Continued)

Pike's Peak mule train/miners

Iron workers


Iron workers

The same fellow dressed up alongside his wife