Cathoiic Priest

George P. Morris

William Penn (Quaker)

Rev Francis M. Whittle of Va (1823-1902)

Horace Greeley (1811-1872)

Prominent Men Outside Politics

Reverand S. J. Cartledge (Pastor First Presbyterian, Columbia, SC)

John Price Durbin (1800-1876)

Kentucky born Methodist minister who was named Chaplain to the Senate in 1831 and served from 1833 to 1844 as President of Dickinson College.

The Liberator newspaper

Rev JH Holdich (Methodist)

Thomas Starr King (Unitarian)

William E Channing (Unitarian)


Journalists/Newspaper (Continued)

Henry Jarvis Raymond (1820-1869)

Unitarians Geo Cheney & Robt Collyer 

Rev J Cummings (Church of Scotland)

Rev John Allen (Methodist)

William Cullen Bryant ​(1794-1878

Rev C G Finney (Presbyteriam/Congretionalist)

John Weiss Forney (1817-1881)

Rev William Henry Channing (Unitarian)

​Photography Book

Ralph Waldo Emerson (Unitarian)

Rev Ed Chapin (Unitarian)

John Calvin (Protestant Reformation)

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John Foxe (Protestant Reformation)

Rev Chaney (Unitarian)

Martin Luther (Protestant Reformation)


Theodore Parker (Unitarian)

Bishop Francis M. Whittle  ( Episcopal Church) - Virginia

Henry Bellows (1814-1882) 

Unitarian minister, newspaper editor, founder and President of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, a private relief agency helping Union soldiers. Along with friend Peter Cooper established the Cooper Union. 

Editor/owner of the Pennsylvanian, leading Democratic organ in the state, later Clerk of US House, instrumental in Buchanan’s victory in 1856, switch to Republicans over Kansas, publishes Sunday Morning Chronical, Lincoln paper in DC, several patronage jobs.