George Crook ​(1830-1890)

An iconic portrait of Libby Custer with husband George and his brother Tom both killed at the Little Big Horn. Elizabeth Bacon is 21 in 1864 when she marries the General, only to lose him 12 years later in 1876. She never remarries and spends the rest of her life defending his reputation before dying at 91 years in 1933.

Alfred Howe Terry (1827-1890)

Rain in the face ​(1835-1905)

Curly (1840-1877)

Other Military Events

Sitting Bull ​(1831-1890)

William Tecumseh Sherman ​(1820-1891)

Chief Gall Lakota Phizi  (1840-1894)

Crow King ​(?-1884)

Libe Autie Tom Custer

Marcus Reno ​(1834-1889)

One Bull ​(1853-1947)

Frederick Benteen (1834-1898)

Custer battlefield

John Gibbon ​(1827-1896)

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George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876)

Little Big Horn (1876)

​Photography Book

Last Stand Hill Monument

7th Cavalry

Philip Sheridan ​(1831-1888)