Thaddeus Lowe (1832-1913) is another self-educated man, who learns about chemistry as a youth and parlays that into a series of patents, especially related to refrigeration units, that make him wealthy. His interest in lighter than air gasses and balloons lead to his fame for aerial reconnaissance during the Civil War. This photo shows his Intrepid being inflated for take-off at the 1862 Battle of Fair Oaks. He later pursues his interest in a trans-Atlantic flight driven by the trade winds, but this never comes to pass. 

Joseph Hawley (1826-1905)

Ft. Mahhone mine entrance at the Battle of Petersburg

12 Scenes of CSA Battles

Honorary stands in front of the President's house, occupied by Andrew Johnson, the Cabinet, Grant, Sherman, and reviewing officers

The Union Prison at Elmira, NY

Union prisoners burying dead at CSA Andersonville Prison  (August 17, 1864)

Stone bridge at Cub Run (1st Manassas)

Anti-slavery Free Soil Party, rises from Captain to Brevet Major General in the war, then Governor and U.S. Senator from Connecticut

Other Military Events

CSA Libby Prison In Richmond, Virginia

Grand review in Washington D.C. after the War ends (May 24, 1865)

Standing Confederate/Leavenworth KS

Looking up Pennsylvania Ave from the Treasury Buildings, at the Army of the Potomac, with Major Gen Wright and staff and 6th Army Corps passing in review 

Civil War Battles

Richmond burning at the War’s end (April 1865)

Professor Lowe's Balloon

A dead confederate in the Devil’s Den, famously “posed” by Timothy O’Sullivan

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