Americans Under Sam Houston Annex Texas

Black Abolitionist David Walker Cries Out For Justice

Britain Abolishes Slavery

The Start Of Tribal Evictions Triggers The Blackhawk War

Alexis de Tocqueville Comments On Slavery and Regional Tensions In America

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The Whigs Prepare To Challenge Van Buren For The Presidency

Overview of Jackson’s Second Term

Jackson Sacks His Cabinet Over The “Petticoat Affair”

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White Abolitionists Are Attacked By Opponents Both North And South 

Run Up To The Presidential Election

The House Passes A “Gag Order” To Silence Anti-Slavery Petitions

Jackson Begins Ongoing Clash With Vice-President Calhoun

Webster And Hayne Debate States Rights And The Value Of The Union

Andrew Jackson’s Enduring Legacy

States’ Rights Politicians In South Carolina Challenge Federal Authority

Andrew Jackson Is Easily Re-elected

Andrew Jackson Becomes America’s Sixth President

The Second Great Awakening Ignites The White Abolitionist Movement

The “Taney Court” Begins To Assert Itself (1836-1864)

Jackson’s “Specie Circular” Triggers A Monetary Crisis

Jackson Begins To Act On His Monetary And Banking Concerns

White Abolitionists Organize To Advance The Cause

The “Trail Of Tears” Eviction Of The Southeastern Tribes

History Book

Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion Prompts Terror And Retribution Across The South

Two New Political Parties Appear As The 1832 Election Draws Near

Jackson Resolves South Carolina’s Threat To Nullify The Federal Tariff

Overview Of Andrew Jackson’s First Term

 Jackson “Kills” The Second Bank And Pays Off The Federal  Debt