General Denver

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“Doc” Jennison, Jayhawker who fights pro-slavery ruffians in KS

James Blunt joins Lane & Brown in fighting pro-slavers in Kansas

A Manhatten, Kansas couple

John Brown first gained attention when he led small groups of volunteers during the crisis 

Teaches school then practices law in MO, recruits company in Mex War & serves under Scott, to California ’50 as a trader, into politics, kills ex-House member  in duel, elected Sec of State in CA, then to US House ’53-57, June ’57 sent by Buchanan to Bloody Kansas as Territorial Gov amidst crisis, later a successful General in CW, Denver CO named for him.

Emigrant Society Brochure (Back)

James Lane with bayonet

Other Military Events

In 1854 he founds the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company to support anti-slavery settlers in the Kansas Territory. 

A sophisticated brochure aimed at eastern immigrants intent on settling in Kansas. The timing is probably post-war, given the mention of one S. L. Gilmore as Land Commissioner for the Kansas City Railroad.

Emigrant Society Brochure (Front)

Border ruffian with musket

Bloody Kansas (1856-1858)

Eli Thayer (1819-1899)

​Photography Book

James Lane, Free Soil politician and fighter for “free Kansas”