NY Herald article announcing the death of the president

Lincoln funeral scene in Cleveland center


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Booth conspirators

Henry Rathbone who was sitting next to president during assassination and was seriously wounded by Booth fleeing the theater

​Photography Book

Charles Guiteau, assassin of President Garfield

Edwin Stanton

Lincoln's chair in Ford Theater

Ms. Fanny Brown  (1837-1891)  

Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln's bodyguard who was absent the night of the assassination at Ford's Theater on April 14, 1865

Edwin Stanton who organized manhunt for Lincoln's killer

Edwin Stanton

Boston Corbett who shot Booth

Boston Corbett

John Wilkes Booth

Boston Corbett with Lt. Colonel Edward Doherty

Dr. Samuel Mudd - sets Booth's Leg

Hers was one of five photos of women found in the diary of John Wilkes Booth after his death. The first four of “Booth’s ladies” were easily identified as Alice Grey, Lucy Hale, Helen Western and Effie Germon. The fifth was simply titled “The Mysterious Beauty” until finally recognized as Fanny Brown, a young actress who appeared in plays with Booth going back to 1863. She was born in 1837 in Ohio and made her stage debut at six as Shakespeare’s Puck and later played Eva in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

 John Wilkes Booth, who shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865