A women babysitting a white baby

Two little boys

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Four boys

The distinguished “Mr. Tom,” seated with his cane

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Readying for the cock fight

Picking cotton from dawn to dusk under a blazing sun. On average, 100 lbs. of cotton bolls were picked per day by each person, enough to fill two 12 foot long “drag-along” bags

An old man with a basket of chickens

Six slave boys

Young man, bare chested

A little girl

Another woman holding a young white child

One Thomas Jones, a field-hand from North Carolina, describes a typical day during the peak seasons. 

During the planting and harvest season, we had to work early and late. The men and women were called at three o'clock ’n the morning, and were worked on the plantation till it was dark at night. After that they must prepare their food for supper and for the breakfast of the next day, and attend to other duties of their own dear homes. Parents would often have to work for their children at home, after each day's protracted toil, till the middle of the night, and then snatch a few hours' sleep’ to get strength for the heavy burdens of the next day.

A-A Family in front of cabin

A very young girl

An imposing woman

A young boy posed with a pot on his head

Three young men on cotton bales in Richmond, VA

Slave Children

Adult Slaves

Four adults, apparently preparing a meal

Young black woman with head-wrap

A barefoot woman overseeing two older white children

Four little kids playing outside

A young man, likely a field hand

Woman and Donkey

An old woman weaving baskets

A slave family huddled outside their cabin in Aiken, South Carolina

Large Family by Cabin in Stereo