Fritchie home in Frederick, MD

Ft. Sumter - pock marks

Harper's Ferry, Virginia

Civil War Battles

Charleston SC in Ruins

Colonel William Rogers & other 2nd Texas dead at the Battle of Corinth (October 4, 1862)

Ft. Mahone Mine Entrance

Other Military Events

Flag waved by Barbara Fritchie

Battles of 1st  and 2nd Bull Run, (July 21, 1861 and August 28-30, 1862)

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Siege guns at Yorktown (Spring 1862)

A dead confederate in the Devil's Den

Soldiers on the field at Yorktown (Spring 1862)

Ft. Sumter - stereo flag raising 4/14/65

Ft. Sumter - smashed side

Widow Barbara Fritchie, waves American flag at CSA troops In Maryland (September 1862)

Graves site of 69th NY at Bull Run

Ironclads USS Monitor and CSA Merrimac Clash off Hampton Roads (March 8-9, 1862)

Back reads: “Ft. Sumter. View of south and southeast faces from Ft. Gregg on Morris Island May 1864. With compliments of ??”

Raising the Stars & Stripes at Ft. Sumter on April 14, 1865, four years to the day after the CSA attack opening the civil war.

Dunker Church at Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862)

Attack on Ft. Sumter, April 12, 1861

Soldiers in field during the Peninsula Campaign (Spring 1862)

Burnside Bridge at Battle of Antietam, (September 17, 1862)

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Dead in Bloody Lane at Battle of Antietam, (September 17, 1862)

Back reads: “View of a portion of the south face of Ft. Sumter, opposed to the batteries on Cummings Point, Morris Island, taken soon after its evacuation by Major Anderson.”

Confederate dead on the Hagestown, Pike at Antietam (September 17, 1862)